Will Cliffe

William Cliffe

Software Architect

About Me

Senior Technical Architect & Software Engineer with over twenty years of professional development experience; having worked for SaaS companies, design firms, and in seed through series start-ups.

I am an avid offroad enthusiast, both mountain biking and Jeeping. I enjoy writing, certain types of very aggressive freshwater fish, and RCs.

Latest Projects

Work Experience

Founder & Lead Architect - modcrawl (January 2017 - Present)

As founder and lead architect of MODCRAWL INC., my responsibilities have been to plan out the overall vision of the product, architecture using Apache Storm, Kafka, and built using Java, Scala, and Python. I’ve also been tasked with building out scalable infrastructure using AWS EC2, AWS ElastiCache redis clusters, Postgresql RDS clusters, and DynamoDB clusters.

Senior Architect - GEMtouch (April 2017 - October 2017)

As senior architect, my duties were to design and implement the micro-services architecture in Java and PHP, as well as develop the third party integrations libraries using MuleSoft. Services were built and deployed in docker containers and utilized RabbitMQ for cross-services communication. These containers were deployed on AWS EC2 instances and I was charged with handling maintenance of EC2, RDS, as well as research into Aurora and handling WAF and Shield components.

Principal Software Engineer - Accretive Technology Group (April 2015 - January 2017)

As principal software engineer, my duties were to design and implement micro-services architecture in PHP and Java for a monolithic billing application that was rife with technical debt. I was also part of a core team that utilized Apache Kafka and Apache Storm to redistribute API requests across multiple nodes.

Technical Architect - Shoutlet, Inc. (July 2011 - August 2014)

As technical architect, my duties were to design and implement third party API ingestion software that could handle incoming social network data from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others for fortune 500 companies such as 3M and American Family Insurance. As part of our technology, we implemented Python-based consumer and producer services in a horizontally scaling architecture to ingest data from APIs and hold them in RabbitMQ queues.

Owner/Lead Developer - Binary Solo LLC (March 2005 - June 2011)

I owned a small consultancy firm that managed multiple website projects for local companies on Vancouver Island, Canada, as well as built a ground-up CMS that was used by 100+ websites. Technologies used included PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. We were a full stack company providing solutions for services-based architecture through translating PSDs into HTML and CSS websites.